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Jewelry That Redefines Luxury

Our luxury jewelry is designed to be worn as a lightweight accessory, ensuring a mindful impact on both the wearer and the environment. At AuTiC, we redefine the concept of luxury fashion accessories, starting with our jewelry collection.
AuTiC is dedicated to creating luxury fashion accessories that transcend the boundaries of conventionality. Our commitment to crafting exquisite pieces is reflected in the use of the finest quality precious metal aerospace grade titanium, recycled gold, and brilliant lab-grown diamonds.

The First Choice For High-End Jewelry

AuTiC offers a range of exclusive jewelry that redefine boundaries. We stand as an epitome of Luxury accessories in the USA and across the globe.
From matte-finished rings to subtly chic pendants made of aerospace grade titanium, recycled gold and lab grown diamonds, each piece of jewelry is classy and carefully handcrafted with innovative designs.

Our collection

Make a style statement with our rings, pendants, and bracelets that embody high end fashion jewelry for your everyday look. AuTic is about giving you a window into the world of luxury, replete with jewelry and accessories that are made with the industry revolutionizing combination of aerospace grade titanium, recycled gold and lab grown diamonds along with faceted mother of pearl.
We understand various trends and what’s the moment and hence we have our Starlight collection, inspired by the mesmerizing allure of stars. With designs that speak to the essence of the contemporary generation, these jewelry cater to the tastes of Gen-C, blending fashion with celestial inspiration.
Choosing AuTiC means embracing a sustainability that goes beyond mere aesthetics. It signifies a deeper connection with luxury fashion and a commitment to preserving its unmatched charm. Experience the allure of luxurious jewelry through AuTiC's captivating designs. Elevate your style, making a statement that resonates with elegance and luxury, a luxury like never seen or worn before.


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