Twins Pendant For Gemini


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Ruled by Mercury, Gemini as a sign is characterized by duality. But our pendant, while celebrating this duality has only one clear goal in mind- a single minded focus on becoming the one- in-all go to accessory for both formal as well as casual occassions for the creative and communicative Gemini who loves to exude a effortlessly cool look and be the first among the group to show off their first in the industry jewelry made from Aerospace Grade Titanium, Lab Grown Diamond and Recycled Gold.

Handcrafted with love for those individuals born between May 21 – June 20.

Product Information


-Aerospace Grade Titanium

-22K Recycled Gold (Inlay)

-Lab Grown Diamond

-Mother of Pearl


Additional Information

Product Type: Pendant

Accessory: Aerospace Grade Titanium Chain

Color: Grey

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Twins Pendant For Gemini

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