Essentials Collection

The Fashion Renaissance

Revolutionizing the idea of a luxury accessory through fashion forward statements.

Starlight Trendy Essentials

Cosmic and fashionable luxury accessories that merge luxurious approaches to new age luxury.

Contemporary Classics

Exquisitely crafted luxury accessory for a futuristic transformation of your wardrobe. 

Autograph Collection

A hyper personalized collection where you can show off your signature in gold or make it a lux gift for your loved one with their name engraved on our ring.

Aura Collection

An array of lux accessories meant for your AM-PM looks.

Our Promise

Luxurious, Distinctive and Gender Bending.

Transforming the narrative of luxury into loveable pieces of Jewelry and accessories, our brand is about the appreciation of craftsmanship that blends together Aerospace Grade Titanium, Recycled Gold, and Lab Grown Diamonds in the most artistic, gender-neutral, and luxurious manner. It is a desire to create a luxurious wardrobe, luxurious fashion, luxurious consumption, luxurious jewelry, luxurious you, and a luxurious future.


The Rise and Acceptance of Gender Bending Jewelry - AuTiC

The Rise and Acceptance of Gender Bending Jewelry

What is Gender Bending Jewelry A rising fashion that questions established conventions and encourages inclusivity is gender-neutral jewelry, which acknowledges that people of all genders need to be free to...

An Homage to Luxuriousness

Striking pieces of luxurious fashion accessories innovatively crafted with Aerospace Grade Titanium, Lab-Grown Diamonds, and Recycled Gold.


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