Aura Cufflinks

Introducing our Aura cufflink made with Aerospace Grade Titanium & 22k Recycled Gold Inlay and lab-grown diamond, a fusion of luxury and innovation. These gender bending cufflinks are crafted for the modern trendsetter who seeks to make a bold statement with their accessories. These new age jewels are a symbol of individuality and self-expression, perfect for those who dare to challenge the norms and embrace their unique style, regardless of gender.
Product Information


-Aerospace Grade Titanium

-22K Recycled Gold (Inlay)

-Lab Grown Diamond

Additional Information

Product Type: Cufflinks

Accessory: Aerospace Grade Titanium Chain

Color: Grey

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Delivery Note:- The accessories that you see here are all made with the vision of slow fashion. With our ethos of slow is beautiful, the pendants are carefully handcrafted and packaged in a manner that there will be no detrimental effect to anything around. And hence our orders will be shipped within 30 days of placing and confirming your order.

Aura Cufflinks

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We are a fashion-forward and ethically crafted jewelry brand that believes in integrating ethics along with a contemporary, trendy and futuristic appeal in its designs.