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Perfect Christmas Jewelry Gift: Affordable Luxury Jewelry.

Tis the season of giving and gifting and making sure that you spread some unique Christmas gift cheer amongst your loved ones!

All I want for Christmas…is something equal parts functional and fanciful. The season of hot chocolate and marshmallows (or whipped cream, whichever team you belong to), Christmas trees and lights, and holidays is here. So is the season for giving gifts! Now, although it is the season of good cheer and merriment, figuring out the right gift among trending tech items, hundreds of perfumes and planners, there is a likely possibility that your gift might end up in the same pile as dozens of others. Thankfully there is something that is bound to up your gifting game and ensure that your gift is- loved, cherished, and above all, utilized.
Our Starlight Collection of pendants is crafted with an industry first combination of elements and designed to speak to the individuality of each zodiac sign.

A Talismanic Testament To Aspirations

Crafted with uniqueness at its core, our zodiac pendants are the perfect affordable luxury for your child going through a big change in life. For instance, starting college or their first job. It would stay with them as a mark of your confidence in them and their abilities, as well as something they can hold close during their big moments as a constant source of spiritual healing and aspirations. It would also help them stand out among their peers and own something of personal value.

Accessible Cool Christmas Gift For The Lovers Of Luxury

All of us have that one loved one who is in love with one of a kind luxury items with a story behind them. Our zodiac pendant is the perfect high-end luxury gift for someone who doesn’t want to break the bank and while also not compromising on the remarkability of the purchase. The best part, the pendant sits at the cusp of affordability and sustainability. Crafted with conscious materials it neither takes a toll on the environment or your pocket.

The Big Sentimental Purchase For Self

Giving gifts to family and friends is alright, but when you have your eyes on something that speaks to you, it is necessary to take matters into your own hands. Honestly, there’s also nothing better than buying yourself a gift to prove that you are your own biggest cheerleader. It is also empowering in the sense that you don’t have to be dependent on anyone to buy you what you want. There’s also a certain kind of joy and gratification attached to saving and buying something that you have wanted for a long time during the holidays.

The ‘Perfect’ Gift For The Fashion Enthusiast

Our zodiac pendants are eco-conscious but also fashion forward. The collection aims at bringing a fashion renaissance that is a perfect mix of creativity and consciousness. The pendant has massive potential to become an extension of your personal style. It’s also a perfect gift to buy among a group of friends as a matching jewelry piece. You and your fashion enthusiast friends can gift these to each other. The most awesome thing about this is that you can match with each other while also having an element unique to you through the zodiac design, birthstone and zodiac element.Gender Bending Essential Designed For Everyone

Gender Bending Essential Designed For Everyone

If you are looking for that one christmas gift idea for her that everyone from fashion enthusiasts, believers of astrology and spirituality to propagators of consciousness would like and something that isn’t bound by stereotypical gender norms, then AuTiC’s zodiac pendant is the perfect gift. This genderless jewelry is the perfect affordable christmas gift for the believers of inclusivity who strongly stand by their beliefs, and would love to use something that appeals to their ideology.

The season of giving is here. Truly, the season is not just about gifting things with good materialistic value, but about giving something that makes the receiver happy and cheerful about what they have received. It is also about promoting things you stand by- inclusivity, eco-consciousness and individuality. Our demi fine jewelry made with lab-grown diamonds, recycled gold, and titanium is something that would etch you in the memory of your loved ones forever.

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