Des bijoux durables pour un style de vie luxueux.



Sustainable and Ethical Jewelry That Redefines Luxury

AuTiC endeavours to craft sustainable jewelry that speaks to both your style and your values. We champion sustainability by crafting everyday minimalist jewelry and ethical jewelry with a blend of the finest quality titanium, recycled gold, and brilliant lab-grown diamonds.

We design fashion-forward jewelry that can be traced back to its origin and has been built with a vision to set the tone for ethical jewelry in USA market.

The First Choice For Eco-friendly Jewelry

AuTiC offers a range of minimalist accessories that defy boundaries and contribute to shaping a greener future through the sustainable brilliance of its ethical jewelry and aims at providing trendy and affordable eco-chic jewelry in the USA and across the globe.

Its everyday fine jewelry collection is charged with a carbon-neutral and conscious fashion approach and stays as an uber-chic option for Gen-C, the generation that cares.

From matte-finished rings to subtly chic titanium pendants, each piece of AuTiC's ethical jewelry is classy and carefully handcrafted with avant-garde designs. These gender-bending accessories are an ode to unconventionality and align with the world of high-fashion accessories.

AuTiC takes great care to ensure the ethical sourcing of materials, advocates for fair trade and incorporates eco-friendly practices.

Our collection


Wear the responsible glimmer on your fingers, with our ever-lasting Sastainable rings studded with the clean shine of lab-grown diamonds sourced responsibly plus recycled gold, and enjoy their stylish appeal for years to come.


Crafted with the timeless gleam of titanium, combined with recycled gold and sustainably sourced diamonds, our sustainable bracelets bring a sleek sophistication that perfectly compliments your casual style and eco-friendly jewelry collection.


Make it subtle, sustainable, and stunning with our titanium, recycled gold, and lab-grown diamond pendants that embody clean fashion in your everyday look with their unmatched style and comfort.

Discover the incredible, sustainable fine jewelry in the AuTic collection. Start shopping now to find the perfect piece to add to your collection of minimalist eco-friendly jewelry.

With a commitment to ethical practices and innovative design, AuTiC believes in making sustainable jewelry collection that is ethically sourced. We achieve it by employing responsible sourcing and production methods, hence ensuring that our creations uphold the highest standards of environmental consciousness and social responsibility.

As an eco-friendly jewelry brand, we offer a stunning collection of environment-friendly fine jewelry that exudes elegance and luxury without compromising on ethical values. Their meticulous craftsmanship is evident in every piece, which showcases the exquisite beauty of ethically sourced diamonds, titanium, and recycled metals.

Choosing AuTiC means embracing an eco-friendly jewelry collection that goes beyond mere aesthetics. It signifies a deeper connection with the planet and a commitment to preserving its resources. With our emphasis on eco-friendly jewelry, customers can wear their pieces with pride, knowing that each creation reflects a conscientious choice.

Experience the allure of eco-chic jewelry through AuTiC's captivating designs, and join the movement towards a more sustainable and ethical future in the world of fine jewelry.

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